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Fency Krabby is a party game with crab-like movement in which you must strike, guard and dash to turn the other Gentlekrabs into no more than crab sticks!

Picture yourself, an admirable Gentlekrab, quietly sipping tea...When all of a sudden, some Crab comes in, bumps into you, and oh disaster! The tea slips and you spoil your costume! 

Unacceptable! The fool must be punished! But you're a Gentlekrab, you can't just smash him to bits here and now. You need...a game.

Here comes Fency Krabby, the only Gentlekrab-Fighting-Party-Arena game where you can duke it out with friends and regain your honor!


Use your claw to strike!

Protect yourself with the Bubble Guard! Defend from blows and retreat safely!

Use your Dash to close the distance and to break the other crab's Bubble Guard! Don't let them escape!

Find the turtles hiding in the sand and use them to rotate yourself!

Be wary for the Crown! It hovers above the Gentlekrab in the lead, so take him down!

   Do you have what it takes to be the best Gentlekrab?


4 different crabs, each with their own voicelines

5 different maps to settle it out! (WIP)

More than 20 voicelines to fight in class!

Hours of fun with friends!



The Gentlemen behind Fency Krabby!

Producer: Clément Thiou

Lead Game Designer: Séléna Pavarino

Game Designer: Amorim Rodrigues Christophe

Game Designer/Level Designer: Aurélien Fontaine - Poulain de Saint Père

Lead Programmer: Camille Lavarde

Programmer: Elise Nguyen

Game Artist: Manasseh Rakotoasimbola



Fency Krabby.rar 64 MB

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